Your portrait session could be to commemorate a life moment such as graduations or anniversaries, celebrate a passion like sports or hobbies, or to create a stylish and attractive gift for a loved one.  It could even be just a fun glamorous fashion style shoot!  I also do profile or business headshots, family photos, and corporate events.

For most common portrait sessions I charge a flat fee for the session time and all curated final edited digital images.  I find many clients prefer digital online usage over print - or prefer the convenience and value of printing on their own.  I have listed the most common client preferences below with rates.  I shoot in a home-based studio and/or on location.  Shorter sessions involve fewer outfit changes or locations whereas of course longer sessions allow for more outfits, style changes, locations, and creativity.    

 Pricing includes digital files of all  final curated, edited images!!

1 hour session


2 hour session


3 hour session


4 hour session (or longer)


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I would be happy to build and price a project specific to your needs as well, if these packages  do not suit your needs.  Just need a basic headshot?  Well that probably won't even be an hour - depending on the shoot location and other concerns you'd probably pay a fraction and still get an edited series of images.  Need a production level shoot of you, your friends, in costume, with fake rain and strobe-lights, add in a wind machine, smoke or fog, and with 5 wardrobe changes?  Well, that will probably be a good half or even full day of shooting plus editing time and pre-production planning.  Rest assured, regardless of your budget, I can work with you to come up with a plan that will exceed expectations.